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The Parched Soul

The Parched Soul

"The Parched Soul" - is not only an article that I have written to portray the journey of minds and hearts when we are reminiscent of the whole life cycle of us humans but also a portrayal of the scorching, heart wrenching, stinging reality of the present scenario in society! Read on only if you have a strong heart, and keep no emotions back or withhold them when you are taken through this journey in life! Let the emotions flow along with the words, and then only will you realize why I have titled the post as "The Parched Soul".

Some images, and content may be hurting or have an impact on your minds, but unfortunately that is the truth which we many a times try to cover up with rosy images or thoughts saying "We should drive away negative thoughts" but in fact we are being cowardly in not accepting the facts and trying to come to a solution or resolution to those situations. 

The post is larger than most normal Blog posts, but I cannot cut it short as it will not have the impact that I want it to have. I am in fact working on creating a video or rather a documentary if I can on this complete content, which is taking some time; hence this post first to get the matter going and having the thought process started! 

Let us start on a Happy note and them I will take you through the process as it follows in true life! I will show you both sides of the Coin the Brighter and Darker side too, so be ready! I am not trying to look only at the darker side, as we also see so many happy families around us, but trying to highlight what each family may be going through but never have the courage to express!

When we think of life and that too a Happy one at that we always have a joyous and content family picture in mind! A Happy family of the Parents and children all enjoying the happier moments in life -

We not only look out for a Happy Family, but friends, acquaintances, society that is blessed with Happiness, Compassion, Caring, Togetherness, Camaraderie, and overall a World that is a wonderful place to live in. A world that does not differentiate between caste, color, creed, religion, nationality, and lives as one big humanitarian family. The very thought makes our minds and hearts swell with pride and content, but not all is well as we think .......

Let me take you through this journey of life from childhood to the time we see dust/ashes and how at every stage we are confronted by our own man-made circumstances and demons of society and behavior that send a chill up your spine. Much as we may try to avoid thinking of these situations we are seeing that these are on the rise - now is the moment to rise and think whether we have the capacity to stall this holocaust or face the wrath of horrid times to come! 
The Journey of Life!

What happiness and joy do we experience when God gives us his first Gift and step into Life - I will bypass the phases from childhood, through adolescence, finding your life partner etc to the most divine moment in life - the arrival of a new life - the Birth of a Child - The proud moment when every mother awaits for and nurtures the life to bring into this world a wonderful bounty and life of her own -


It is the most divine and happy moment of every family and the child irrespective if its gender get the best of the attention from its parents - the Father , Mother and other members of the family.
Or so we think - ???? - Yes, while we always like to think of the brighter side of life, we tend to overlook the darker side or intentionally hide the horrid side of life even though many of us are an actual part of this fine line that marks the difference between the Divine and the Demonish side.

Lets rewind the clock back and take you through every step from the time of the birth of the child and see how at every step we are taking things for granted and not taking corrective measures to stop this menace - A new child is born - the divine entry into this world of a new family and already there are those vicious and vile vultures of society waiting to pounce upon it. Starting from your own family we start with gender bias and the birth of a girl child becomes taboo - thereby leading to the first step - human trafficking. It is we who give birth to this concept and then blame the society and the pimps for doing what they would merrily do otherwise. There are cases where new born babies are exchanged for money and no one even raises an eyebrow or even gets to know about it. Even if known no one takes the courage to speak about it or correct it for fear of administrative or policing apathy.

Here is the second part of your own created demon taking shape. Those girls that get a good home luckily through reliable NGO's or care centers are lucky, but others are sold out into the flesh trade or other rackets. There again we hear so many cases of Caretakers, Wardens, Heads of NGO's and Child Care Centers abusing children of all ages, and we only read it as a news article and let things pass by. 

We all want our family to be a large big happy family don't we, and why not; but do we really strive for it? 

With the first step of the Child we want them to be happy, make friends, share with others, and grow to be strapping young future of our family and the nation. 


We try to inculcate the spirit of togetherness, love , caring, sharing in our children and we all know and understand that this is the most divine and best phase of a human life where we learn the best part of life and where our character is nurtured and moulded.

Now starts the tough and dirty part as we can call it. Gone are those days when we could send our children out without any fear of bad company, ill effects of society, vile thoughts and behaviors of those that they come into contact. We ourselves are to blame for allowing this darker demon growing among us who like a wolf in sheep's clothing is always stalking our thoughts and even actually omnipresent in the society. We try to ward off those thoughts, as negativity but when the effects of those demonish acts look at you in your face through stark, striking and dastardly acts that we all read and experience in life, it makes your mind and heart shudder. 

When the children are too small, and can't understand the ill effects of the demonish society out there, we only tend to ensure that they are safe. But as they grow we try to talk to them and caution them. Don't we always find any parent counselling their child even before he/she leaves for the school to take care, avoid bad company, avoid strangers, don't do this , don't do that etc? What has made this vile thought even come into our minds? 

If we sincerely introspect within ourselves we will find that the first signs of those negative traits start from our own homes. The child's mind is very sensitive and picks up the finest disturbances in the behavior and mannerisms of its parents and those around them. Where there is a happy family and atmosphere there is no issue at all and the child will pick up the same traits. Now let us look at the slightly darker side.

Many families have family clashes in the home, be it matters of finance, normal living, cheating on either spouse, or even daily habits of either parent which escalate into in-fighting, fist fights, brawls and even behind closed door arguments which have a striking impact on the mind of a child, and stay embedded in their minds....this is prevalent even more in homes where there is lack of privacy do to constraints of the home they stay in.

The children become witness to both the verbal as well as visual impact of those abuses.

The impact can be devastating and it sends the child into a thought process mode of reclusive fear and submissiveness, which makes the child vulnerable to external influences. It could have either impacts of the elder child taking on a protective approach to its sibling or drag both of them into an emotional turmoil which can be difficult to handle for the tender minds.
More serious repercussions could be child abuses of various forms depending on the nature of the situations that the family is going through. The mind cringes even with the thought of the various dastardly acts that we get to hear from the news or even happenings around in our own society, which we seldom take the courage to counter or oppose. Physical abuse of the child to deter them from discussing the same with others, even with their own parents, and even sexual abuse where a drunken father or sexually starved mind will go to any extents of even abusing their own child which we have so often heard of. Child trafficking is worst thing that can happen to a child and yet we keep quiet.
These same people could be a threat to the society as well, and this is where the trail starts from. What can happen to a family member can carry on to be the bad experience of outsiders as well. Is this what we want or tolerate to allow things to take a turn for the worse? Yes these experience can leave a lasting effect on the mind of the children. We will see the effects of this as we go ahead in our path forward. 

Every parent wants their child to get the best education, grow up and have a future they can be proud of , be it a businessman / businesswoman, or in the service industry as stewardesses or pilots, sportsmen or any career that they are proud of! 

For this they all go through the same path of education, schooling, adolescence, and get in touch with society and other people with whom they have to relate. We all try to stay in the best of company but unfortunately, here again the bad demon shows up its face. 

Come the time of education and it starts with donations. We have become habituated to paying money as "Donations" just to get your child into a so called "International Level" School. You only start the habit of corruption right there. Leave alone the money and donation part, again all through the schooling days the parent is always bothered about her child. Especially if she is a Girl child the haunting thoughts of abduction, molestation, rape, and child lifting keep tormenting ones mind even if it may not happen in fact. Even if it does happen again things are covered up to avoid the society and what people will say which is obvious but nothing serious is done for the person who commits the crime. 

The children again at various ages are subject to a series of "Tests" you can say when they are barraged by experiences and challenges that they hear and see about, and those that the parents always take care to inform them not to be a victim of. Glaring examples of smoking, drinking, drug abuse,

ragging in colleges, 

molestation, rape 

and even murder stalk the minds of the children more than the good things they are going to learn. 

Such thoughts remain as an impediment in their minds and in cases where the child has a mild and soft heart it can even lead to a vulnerable situation where they become soft targets for the tormentors around them. 

All through the schooling and educative period the same thoughts keep tormenting you. With Student ragging, bullying, favour seeking from seniors and even Teaching Staff, Management and all up the ladder when they grow up to even when the children take up jobs they are constantly a victim or subject to the haunting thoughts of these acts. 

All that matter ends up is either the victimization of the Girl child as in most cases we see that the Boy child gets away with the crime, and the girl is left to suffer in silence. 

Child trafficking is another issue which is not even looked into and even in marriages Dowry demands, molestation, crimes, forceful submission and oppression are the talk of the town.
The Society has accepted these crimes and even neglected to take stern action so much so that it is carried on into the legacy of the family that the girl child can be abused as much as they can and it almost becomes the privilege of the boy to do whatever he wants and get away with it leaving the girl only one option - suicide!

Even these cases are never reported or even many cases turn out to be rape victims whose cases are made to look as suicides, and we only treat them as news reports and sit over them. 

As they enter adulthood, gallivanting due to excessive earnings, pampering by parents of rich families which effects the others, cheating, and even the modern day thinking of live-in relationships, free sex and other modern open thought processes makes the girl child especially vulnerable. We have to realize and so have the girl child to realize that the boy has nothing to lose! In the event of any thing going wrong in the above cases the girl child becomes the victim of all outcomes. I am sure all parents and even the adult children will understand what I mean to say but will not go in details as it would end up in a larger discussion. 

All this happening when we have our own sons and daughters at home who could be a victim of the same demonic acts. It needs proper counselling, frank discussions with your children to make them realize their vulnerabilities as well as their responsibilities. Many of our youth and children who have reached their teens or adulthood sometimes do not like to be counselled or told about, but we need to make a concerted effort to strike a right chord and get the message across to them. 

While we look to the girl side, let us also look from the boys side so as not to be biased. The parents look up to their sons becoming a support for their old age and also to feel proud of! We take pride in having our sons in the forces ....and would even be prouder if they even have to lose their lives for the country in martyrdom for a good cause...

But the demons sets in and as you will see in the latest spate of terrorist violence that is erupting all over the world , young aspiring students are falling prey to the vile world of being abducted or dragged into this dangerous world for a few thousand rupees or by force, and even threat of harm to family.
Add to this the challenges of competition in your jobs, and then the largely looming darker sides of joblessness, getting into bad company, drug abuse, drinking, smoking and the allied destructive entities immediately pounce on the the vulnerable youth. Terrorism and terror abduction is the latest destructive thing that has started happening recently. Your mind shudders when you listen to the story or the history of some of the slain terrorists or those who surrender to find them coming from affluent backgrounds, some of them well qualified Engineers, Pilots, Doctors and other well know professions that are lead to this war path.

At every stage of our lives from the birth of the child, through its childhood, adolescence, further walk into adult life, and unto growing into a responsible adult they are barraged by man-made situations that boomerang on them. If you look at it in a serious perspective all the outcomes are because these habits, traits, and occurrences were never corrected at the point of origin which in the first place is the family itself. We easily keep pointing the finger to others to rub off the blame. It is high time for serious introspection. Why are we quiet or who is keeping us quiet?
Is it only the system or the the oft targeted government to be be blamed always? What have we done to get the system right or sort out the things at the grass-root level or nip the bud off when we saw it taking on its vile shape in our homes and societies itself right in front of our eyes? That is the question to answer and thought that we have to be reviewing seriously. 

We all look forward to spreading the word of peace, and earning respect not only for each individual in our family as well as in society but to making our country and nation proud. But if we cannot but refine the very basic fiber of our youth and the path that they have to go through to reach and achieve that respect we have a lot to do!
Do you want your children to keep thinking about his future, and gaze out into oblivion because they have no one to fall back on when they most need us?
Does that innocent blankness on the child's face strike a chord in your heart to get up and do something? Or are you still waiting for a tear to roll down the suppressed eyes of your daughter to wake up to the things happening around you?

For many this may only sound like another article or a Blog post to be read and kept aside. But give it a deeper thought and you will see that the undertone of the destructive atmosphere that is spreading around all starts from our own home. As is being highlighted in my other post - "Your Upbringing is the Foundation of your Character". Let us look at this most important section which will also be the concluding section of my post. 

Where do we start from? - Take this example - Apart from the Elite few who are not even bothered about such happenings around - the common man is the one who is kept groping for a solution. 

Where does this all stop? My mind is already spinning out of control, and believe me I have not yet even taken up supposedly even 40% of the major causes due to which a great and successful life of a child can be destroyed and a family and the very fabric of society ruined. 

It's high time that we sat down and gave this a serious thought. Where do we start from? How do we take up this issue. Who gets involved, who takes responsibility is all that comes into our mind but no one takes the first step. It is each one of us who has to take the first step starting from home. Review your situations, take corrective actions, counsel your children and yourself if needed. Don't take no for an answer, spread the same awareness around the society and create a togetherness and campaign where you can share your experiences and try to help and support one another in their times of difficulty, to make them stand up strong. That will slowly but steadily clean up the inherent system. 

I have taken the first step by voicing my views and opinion - you are the next to take the next step and take this baton forward. 

Or are you among the ones who will only read this as a post on a Blog and keep it aside? 

Or (God forbid it happens) will it really take a dastardly event to happen in your own life to make you wake up and take action? 

Think for yourself! 

You will now know why I have given the title of "The Parched Soul" to this lengthy narration of bitter facts of life - it is because as I write and even think about each of the horrid outcomes of what I have written one part of my soul is burning out and if we keep just listening to what is happening and do nothing the time will come when your soul too will be scorched and dead! 

Fan the flames of responsibility and awareness and awaken your minds and hearts to what is happening around you! 

I conclude, not before praying to God to give you all the strength and sight to see reason. Also to those who have already wronged to see reason and introspect on their misdoings and if possible be a part of this wonderful and happy world that we all want to be a part of! 

God be with you! God Bless!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Proud Of My Grey's An Introduction!

Proud Of My Grey's An Introduction!

Proud Of My Grey's is an autobiographical / biographical collection of musings, writings, finds, quotes, anecdotes, live events, and experiences; from daily life which we tend to overlook. This is a sensitive Blog and has information that is very close to my heart as well as with many who will relate with them. My Grey's are not a result of any make-up, nor just standing in the sunlight! They've come from hard hitting experiences in life. I'm Proud of my Grey’s! Are You?

Life is always a strong and positive teacher. We live life at ease and take it for granted. Each and every day is a lesson for all, but we tend to overlook those events, and pass them off as simple daily life events. What we learn from life is more than many times what we can and would learn from Education. As a man of principle and deep self-respect, as also a very strong sense of integrity and honesty, I have always believed in self-introspection. Self-Introspection requires a lot of honesty, and humility to actually make those changes to your life and habits, after learning from your introspective sessions. 
It had been a long time dream of mine to start writing my own Autobiography or a sort of autobiographical account of all my life’s experiences. At the same time I had a deep sense of insight and interest in knowing and understanding the experiences of others, irrespective of who they were. Friends, Family, acquaintances, strangers or even watching life as it came across every day.  This gave me a deep sense of maturity and understanding of life as it is and helped me in tuning myself to those situations. I am sure we have all gone through good and bad times. But my own personal experiences in life left an indelible mark on my mind and kept me thinking.

In this blog I am making an effort to not only revive all those fond memories and events in my life, but also narrate incidents and experiences from the lives of others who shared them with me. They too had a story to tell, a moral to be told and imbibed, and tear to shed, but withheld them for either personal reasons or fear of society’s reprise. Some of the events may relate to those experiences too. Many of the events are very similar on the lines of those we all experience in life so I only sincerely request all readers to digest the true moral and essence of the post and not treat it as any sort of personal narration of a person’s life even if it may closely relate to some event in your life.

At the same time I have also narrated some very hard hitting and sensitive issues which I have personally experienced with some of my family and even very close friends. I have not named any one here, but the events were so touching and eye-opening that I had no other option but to post them here for all of us to experience and feel the same pain or hurt. My intention as a Blogger and Writer is only to share those experiences in a way that we learn from them, and introspect with reference to our own life’s experiences. If even one of my posts makes a mark on the minds of you wonderful readers in any way and brings about a positive change in your lives or association with life I will be happy for it.

It is possible that some may not agree with the opinions I may express here in my blog, but I leave it to you to decide which side of the coin you want to relate to. Feel free to write to me with your views and comment on the blog post freely or even write to me at my mail at to share your views and thoughts.

There have been many who have similar experiences to share, and I will welcome you to forward them to me and I can assure you post them in full confidentiality so your thoughts and experiences in life may help some one pick up a new leaf in life. 
Your Blessings, Best Wishes and frank opinions along with your comments are always welcome and highly appreciated.

Looking forward to a great journey ahead!

Warm Regards, God Bless!