Sunday, May 21, 2017

Proud Of My Grey's An Introduction!

Proud Of My Grey's An Introduction!

Proud Of My Grey's is an autobiographical / biographical collection of musings, writings, finds, quotes, anecdotes, live events, and experiences; from daily life which we tend to overlook. This is a sensitive Blog and has information that is very close to my heart as well as with many who will relate with them. My Grey's are not a result of any make-up, nor just standing in the sunlight! They've come from hard hitting experiences in life. I'm Proud of my Grey’s! Are You?

Life is always a strong and positive teacher. We live life at ease and take it for granted. Each and every day is a lesson for all, but we tend to overlook those events, and pass them off as simple daily life events. What we learn from life is more than many times what we can and would learn from Education. As a man of principle and deep self-respect, as also a very strong sense of integrity and honesty, I have always believed in self-introspection. Self-Introspection requires a lot of honesty, and humility to actually make those changes to your life and habits, after learning from your introspective sessions. 
It had been a long time dream of mine to start writing my own Autobiography or a sort of autobiographical account of all my life’s experiences. At the same time I had a deep sense of insight and interest in knowing and understanding the experiences of others, irrespective of who they were. Friends, Family, acquaintances, strangers or even watching life as it came across every day.  This gave me a deep sense of maturity and understanding of life as it is and helped me in tuning myself to those situations. I am sure we have all gone through good and bad times. But my own personal experiences in life left an indelible mark on my mind and kept me thinking.

In this blog I am making an effort to not only revive all those fond memories and events in my life, but also narrate incidents and experiences from the lives of others who shared them with me. They too had a story to tell, a moral to be told and imbibed, and tear to shed, but withheld them for either personal reasons or fear of society’s reprise. Some of the events may relate to those experiences too. Many of the events are very similar on the lines of those we all experience in life so I only sincerely request all readers to digest the true moral and essence of the post and not treat it as any sort of personal narration of a person’s life even if it may closely relate to some event in your life.

At the same time I have also narrated some very hard hitting and sensitive issues which I have personally experienced with some of my family and even very close friends. I have not named any one here, but the events were so touching and eye-opening that I had no other option but to post them here for all of us to experience and feel the same pain or hurt. My intention as a Blogger and Writer is only to share those experiences in a way that we learn from them, and introspect with reference to our own life’s experiences. If even one of my posts makes a mark on the minds of you wonderful readers in any way and brings about a positive change in your lives or association with life I will be happy for it.

It is possible that some may not agree with the opinions I may express here in my blog, but I leave it to you to decide which side of the coin you want to relate to. Feel free to write to me with your views and comment on the blog post freely or even write to me at my mail at to share your views and thoughts.

There have been many who have similar experiences to share, and I will welcome you to forward them to me and I can assure you post them in full confidentiality so your thoughts and experiences in life may help some one pick up a new leaf in life. 
Your Blessings, Best Wishes and frank opinions along with your comments are always welcome and highly appreciated.

Looking forward to a great journey ahead!

Warm Regards, God Bless!